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This is Exciting: Intel's Clear Linux OS

This is Exciting:
Intel's Clear Linux OS

This is exciting, intruiging, interesting, promising. Finally, a Linux distro that's looks set to give Microsoft a real run for their money. I have tried several different Linux distros, only to usually revert back to Windows due to these two major reasons: (1) device driver support, and (2) productivity software availability. I can get away with alternative applications for reason #2, but it's reason #1 that's usually the biggest hurdle as without driver support I won't get reasonable performance on my computer. Since none of the previous Linux distros before this are developed by manufacturers of processors, chipsets, and graphics cards (which usually means driver support is scarce), you can probably understand why I'm excited about Intel's Clear Linux OS. Reading the reviews online, this OS looks promising. At least, now, people will have a real alternative to Windows.

So, what is Clear Linux OS. I got this explanation from a review article in Forbes:

In Intel's own words: "Clear Linux OS is an open source, rolling release Linux distribution optimized for performance and security, from the Cloud to the Edge, designed for customization and manageability."

In more specific terms, Clear Linux is built from scratch atop the GNOME desktop environment, and it's highly tuned for Intel platforms, with all performance optimizations enabled by default. Those optimizations occur across the entire stack: kernel, libraries, middleware layers, frameworks and runtime.

Clear Linux has Flatpak support out of the box, and an included software store with more than 4000 applications and bundles. So yes, if you wanted to treat this as a traditional desktop workstation, I don't see any major obstacles to doing that aside from a slight learning curve with regards to Intel's custom "swupd" package manager.

Besides Flatpak support, Intel has pledged to increase the number of upstreamed components available in Clear Linux by 3x this year alone.

Clear Linux also takes a unique approach to updates. Only the updated bits of a package are downloaded as opposed to an entirely new version, leading to what should be a faster and more lightweight update process.

There's plenty more to dig into via the About page. Or you can follow Intel's guides to experience Clear Linux on a live desktop, installing it on bare metal or working with it inside a VM.

As an outsider looking in, Clear Linux seems to be progressing at a rapid pace. It isn't going to become my new daily driver, but I'm certainly keeping a close eye on it.

Especially given its performance advantages on even midrange hardware. Clear Linux also gifts us with a noticeably smoother, faster web browsing experience. And there are benchmark results to prove it.

The article I quoted above also contained some benchmark test results for Clear Linux OS. Read it here.

I'm going to install Clear Linux OS on my backup laptop and see how it goes. I will share my evaluation of Clear Linux here later on.

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