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10 New Web Design Tools

10 New
Web Design Tools

Here are 10 new (May 2019) web design tools listed by Tanya Combrinck at that may help you web designers save some time in web development and improve your workflow.

  1. Startup 3 - based on Bootstrap
  2. Figma Plus - plugin system for Figma
  3. Sidedoor - find a job
  4. Interplay - flexible prototyping system
  5. UserGuiding 2.0 - create interactive user manuals
  6. Found Color - generate nice colour palettes
  7. CSSFX - copy CSS animations code
  8. Backlinks - free backlink checker
  9. Helvetica Now - re-engineered Helvetica fonts
  10. Colour Review - find out contrast values for your colour

Read the full article which includes short reviews of these 10 tools at CreativeBloq, here.

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