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HTMLBasic coding for websites. It is easy programming and is the base to use all the other scripts and codes. For beginners and amateurs, start with this class.

Fee: RM150 | Duration: 8 hours
CSSThe coding for styling a website. The magic coding for making websites beautiful and user-friendly. Start with this class if you've already mastered HTML.

Fee: RM300 | Duration: 15 hours
JavaScriptThe scripting language to add lots of cool and useful functionalities to a website. Javascript allows for lots of functionalities, including changing the contents of the website in realtime.

Fee: RM300 | Duration: 18 hours
PHP-MySQLTo turn websites into a serious online system, where you can interact with users, this is the scripting language and database system to master. It is a bit advanced, so HTML, CSS and JavaScript are pre-requisites for this class.

Fee: RM700 | Duration: 28 hours
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