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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Folding Smartphones

Date: 27 Jul 2023 | Author: Naim Zulkipli
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Folding Smartphones

Design of smartphones have entered a new era: the era of foldable and flippable smartphones. When talking about those phones, the brand Samsung naturally comes to mind. Just yesterday (26 July 2023) launched two new models of their folding smartphones (Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5) in an effort to fend off competition from their rivals (Source: CNBC). These folding smartphones sound like very pioneering technology, and they look kind of cool, but are they really going to work? A decade ago, Blackberry was in style — they had phones that slide and flip open; initially stylish, they soon started to grow out of favour as the constant mechanical movements of the phones meant lots of repairs needed. So, what's the future like for Samsung's flip phones?

Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of these phones.

Advantage: Larger Displays

Samsung's foldable smartphones are undeniably striking and stylish. Their larger display, when unfolded, marks a significant change in the smartphone experience, revolutionizing the way users interact with their devices. Watching videos, playing games, and working on documents is much more immersive and comfortable on the expanded screen. This eliminates the need for a tablet or a laptop for many users, as the smartphone can now seamlessly performs the functions of these devices, making it a versatile tool for both work and play.

Advantage: Portability

Foldable phones has addressed the issue of portability, which has been a significant hurdle for large-screen devices. When folded, these phones morph into a much more compact size, making them as easy to carry around as any traditional smartphone. It's like carrying a tablet in your pocket. This convenience coupled with the functionality of a larger display presents a compelling argument for users considering a switch to foldable phones.

Advantage: Cool Factor

For the non tech-savvy, the 'cool factor' is probably the most important one when considering foldable phones. These phones are sure to be a conversation starter, and having one in your hand signals that you're a tech enthusiast who's keeping up with the latest and greatest in gadgetry.

Disadvantage: Expensive

As with any new technology, Samsung's foldable smartphones comes with a high price tag. Compared to conventional smartphones, foldable ones are currently priced at a premium, making them less accessible for a large portion of users.

Disadvantage: Fragility

Durability is another concern for foldable phones. While Samsung has certainly made improvements in these two latest models to ensure the robustness of their foldable screens, they're still more fragile than the traditional, non-foldable counterparts. Furthermore, even though they have been specially designed for it, these phones will still involve lots of folding and unfolding movements daily which puts stress to the mechanical parts. Therefore, users must be extra careful not to drop or damage these delicate devices, which could add to the stress of daily use.

Disadvantage: Battery Life

Lastly, battery life poses a challenge for foldable smartphones. Powering a larger display, especially one that needs to light up additional pixels when unfolded, requires more energy. This leads to a shorter battery life compared to traditional smartphones, which could be a significant trade-off for many potential buyers.

So, take these advantages and disadvantages into consideration when you're deciding to buy that latest Samsung foldable phone. It's an exciting change in smartphone technology, of course, offering a versatile solution that combines the benefits of a larger display with the convenience of a compact sized device. If the disadvantages are somehow addressed in the latest foldable smartphones, then maybe a foldable smartphone will become a very good choice. Until then, shop for a smartphone — smart.

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