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Using Win7 Safely
After Jan 2020

You may very well be able to keep using Windows 7 safely, just as a small number of people continue to use Windows XP to this day.

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Twitter Proposes Open
Social Network Standard

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been rocking the social network boat. First, under his direction, Twitter banned political ads. Now...

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Google Calendar abused
for phishing scams

Most people are used to seeing phishing scams pop up through emails, on the web, and in messages. However, scammers are still pretty clever in their methods to trick people. According to a new study, Google Calendar has recently been a target...

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Warning Issued For
Windows 10 Users

Windows 10 has enough problems to deal with right now. But Microsoft’s partners just made things a lot worse.

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Google Gave Users
Reason To Switch To Firefox

Google is planning to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users only.

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Win 10 Hit Repeatedly
By Serious New Vulnerability

Microsoft has now warned users about an update which is going to be hit multiple times over the next few weeks, and before the company can do anything about it.

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New Windows 10 Upgrades
A Serious Warning

Windows 10 upgrade is not what hundreds of millions of users will have expected.

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