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We are a Malaysian-based leading website design and development agency in Southeast-Asia.

We help transform your awesome business into an awesome website.

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Malaysia's Website Design and Support Systems Developer



Centuries have passed since people thought of coding as a hobby or activity that is exclusively for geeks or nerds...

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For Those New,
HTML & CSS is Magic

For those very new to web designing and web coding, HTML and CSS is magic. A lot of developers may have forget that, but to those who are just starting, it is magic.

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Premium Used Computers
For Sale

List of our business-grade laptops and desktop PCs on offer.

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Schema Markup For
Your Website

If you're like many businesses we work with, you probably have no idea about schema markup and the rich snippets of user-friendly data they produce. Below, I'll provide a quick overview...

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Python: Where to learn
and why now

Python's popularity is driven in no small part by the vast number of specialized libraries available for it, particularly in...

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5 Reasons You Still Need
A Website In 2020

It’s the year 2020 and it’s probably just stating the obvious when I say that social media and mobile apps ...

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Using Win7 Safely
After Jan 2020

You may very well be able to keep using Windows 7 safely, just as a small number of people continue to use Windows XP to this day.

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